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Everything you need to know about Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

Malta is an island country located in the middle of the Mediterranean between Sicily, Italy, and the North African coast; it is a part of the European Union.

High Political Stability, a high score in Human Development Index, ease of doing business in the country are a few of the many reasons why Maltese Citizenship by Investment Program is getting popular since its inception in 2014. Keeping its popularity in mind, the Government of Malta has set strict quotas for granting Citizenship, only 1800 applicants can acquire citizenship of Malta through the program.

What makes Malta a Great Investment?

1.Opportunities for Visa-free travel to over 169 Countries

Malta Citizenship allows Investor to travel visa-free across 169 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, Being an EU member State, Maltese enjoys full sets of rights of being an EU citizen, which also includes hassle-free Mobility all across European Union

2.High-Quality Health care

Malta Health care services are well- recognized all over the world, it’s strength is also visible in the way they have handled the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, Even though Malta shares its border with Italy( Once the epicenter of Disease), the country reported only just above 650+ cases of which 616 have recovered until now. The government has also decided to open its border from July to welcome the visitors once again.

3.Education opportunities for children in prestigious European Universities

Acquiring Maltese citizenship enables Investor’s Children to get access to complete their education from some of the world’s renowned universities, they are also eligible to acquire scholarships, free education programs, and other benefits unlike those who do not have Malta Citizenship.

4.Tax Management

Maltese citizens do not have to pay Inheritance tax, donation tax, and in some cases property taxes too. Malta has also signed double taxation treaties with a wide range of other countries which can help Investors to optimize their wealth by tax-saving. To know more Contact our Expert for FREE.

5.Personal Safety

Malta has a safe Political Environment and economic stability, which is the reason why we see a huge demand from Investors in countries like Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, etc.

6.New Business Opportunities

Obtaining second citizenship also opens up new business opportunities for investors in foreign markets. The business Environment of Malta makes it favorable jurisdiction for your business in the foreign market.

Malta Citizenship Program: Changes expected once the Quota limit of 1800 is reached

In a press release, the Maltese government announced that they are going to launch a revised version of citizenship by Investment program once the quota of 1800 applicants is reached. The likely change would be to remove the option of the requirement to purchase €150,000 in government bonds and raising the cost of non-recoverable contribution.

The likely possible change in legislation is expected by July 31st, 2020, which means clients have very little time to react on to take benefits of current regulations.

Clients who are going to act in this time frame are likely to save $150,000.

Other possible changes in the program which might be contemplated by authorities can be:

  1. An increase in requirement of Real Estate Investment as it has been unchanged since the inception of this program
  2. With other Competitive European Citizenship programs like Cyprus and Montenegro, we cannot rule out the possibility of a reduction in the Government Contribution amount with a subsequent higher increase in Real Estate Investment proportionately.

If you are interested in this Citizenship program and take advantage of the current Regulations, Book a FREE consultation with our Expert.

The route to Maltese Citizenship

 The Malta program includes three financial requirements:

– A contribution to the development of Malta

– Purchase of stocks or bonds

– A property transaction

The combined upfront financial requirement, including applicable government charges and citizenship application fees, is just under EUR 900,000. These costs will increase slightly depending on family size. Each family member has to contribute a sum to the development fund of €25,000 each.

There is a minimum Residency requirement of 1 year to acquire this citizenship.

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