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Grenada citizenship- A route to US residency

With the US EB5 Investor Visa getting more expensive, many investors are considering the possibility of receiving a green card after having obtained an E2 Treaty Investor Visa. The E2 Visas to the US are issued to citizens of a country that signed a bilateral investment treaty. Grenada is one of these treaty countries and offers investors an excellent opportunity to live their American dream at a very cost-effective price.

 E2 Visa: what does it mean?

An E2 Visa can be issued to foreigners who want to invest in a business in the United States in exchange for a minimum investment of USD 150,000. Grenadians can apply for the E2 Visa and usually receive it within three months. Grenadian investors can also apply for the green card once they achieve a certain level of success in their business.

The investment amount for the EB5 Investor Program increased from USD 500,000 to USD 900,000 in a targeted employment area and from USD 1 Million to USD 1.8 Million in the non-targeted employment area. This, coupled with a longer waiting time, makes it sensible to explore other options and look out for attractive alternatives like E2 Visa through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program. The added advantage this option offers is that it allows the spouse of the Visa holder to work freely in the US and covers dependents in the application. “Fast processing time and attractive pricing are driving interest among investors” explained Shruti Sayed, Operations Manager at Fincasa Capital, as she is seeing tremendous interest in this program among investors.[/norebro_text]

How can you obtain the Grenada citizenship?

To qualify for applying for Grenada citizenship, a person must be of major age with no criminal record.

In light of COVID-19, the program is accepting online applications through Dropbox, allowing investors to apply for citizenship without the residency requirement. Grenada Citizenship Unit offers two investment options:

  1. A contribution to the National Transformation Fund starting at USD 150,000.
  2. Investment in an approved Real Estate property starting at US 220,000 (excluding application fees).

The total cost of obtaining an E2 Visa through the Grenada passport ranges from USD 300,000 to USD 500,000.

Other Benefits of Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

  1. Schengen zone mobility
  2. Inclusion of spouse, dependent children up to the age of 30, a sibling (single, with no children) up to age 18 and dependent parents.
  3. No interview, education, or management experience required.
  4. Physical residency not required.
  5. Travel to Grenada during the application process not required.
  6. No tax on worldwide income.

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