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Move to Canada and Invest in your Family’s Future

Move to Canada and Invest in your Family’s Future

Canada is a democratic country located on the continent of North America and shares a border with the USA and Alaska. It is the 10th largest economy of the world.

Canada ranks as the number one country in terms of quality of life worldwide. That, in addition to excellent healthcare infrastructure, ease of doing business and economic freedom makes Canada one of the most popular destinations for investors.

What makes Canadian residency an excellent investment?

Opportunities for Visa-free travel

According to Passport Index, which ranks passports based on ability to provide visa-free access, the Canadian passport ranks 6th strongest passport of the world. It offers you Visa-free or Visa-on-arrival travel across 183 countries, including popular destinations like the USA, the Schengen Zone, Japan, Singapore and more. Global mobility saves a great deal of time on filing Visa applications and is priceless to businesspeople all over the world.

High-Quality Healthcare

The latest Best Countries ranking found Canada to be perceived as having the most well-developed public healthcare system in the world. All Canadian citizens and residents have access to public health insurance which covers most healthcare services. Canada is among the highest spenders on healthcare according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. It has one of the highest health expenditures as a percentage of GDP among developed countries. The Canadian government allocated 11.6% of its GDP on healthcare spending in 2019, and the rate is expected to continue to exhibit an upward trend.

World-class Education

Acquiring Canadian residency enables investor’s children to get access to complete their education at some of the world’s highest-ranked universities. Canada has three universities ranking in the Top 50 worldwide and ten universities in the Top 250 across the globe. Canadian universities offer free education programs, scholarships, and other benefits that you would not have access to without the residency.

 Personal Safety

Canada ranks as 6th in the Global Peace Index, which measures the relative level of peacefulness in the nation. The country offers a safe political environment and economic stability, which is the reason why we see significant demand from Afghan, Lebanese, Syrian and Iraqi investors.

New Business opportunities

Obtaining second citizenship opens up new business opportunities for investors in foreign markets. Being the 9th freest economy in the world and ranking as 23rd out of 190 countries on the Ease of Doing Business Index makes Canada’s business environment significantly favorable for your business. Government grants to businesses and tax credits are encouraging entrepreneurs to explore new opportunities in the country. It is also a stable market for venture capitalists; in the third quarter of 2019, USD 4.7 billion was invested in 387 transactions. Canada’s competitive ecosystem, talented workforce supported by the excellent quality of life gives perfect opportunities for companies looking to diversify in the near future.

The route to Canadian Residency

You can apply for Canadian residency in one of two ways, either as an investor or as an entrepreneur as detailed in the summary table below.

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