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Varis Sayed Expanding New Horizons in Global Investments

Do you know the common thread that binds celebrities like Michael Schumacher, Madonna, David Beckham, Giorgio Armani, Lindsay Lohan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Hilary Swank? Well, they have chosen Dubai as their second home. In the world of business, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, has become a top investment destination where the who’s who of global businesses and top corporate honchos rub shoulders to strategize, innovate, and achieve their cherished goals.

In a span of few decades, Dubai has metamorphosed from a sleepy desert enclave into a vibrant, modern, multi-cultural, inclusive, and growing business hub in the Middle East. Today, it is home to more than 20,000 international companies (inclusive of 124 Fortune companies), iconic structures like Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), and a growing expatriate community.

According to the World Forum for FDI, Dubai continues to attract a steady inflow of capital in spite of the persistence of global recessionary trends.

Dubai: Enabling Business Opportunities with Citizenship Offer
Fincasa Capital: Driving Business Growth

As a cherry on the cake, the UAE is now offering citizenship to select foreigners and professionals comprising investors, doctors, inventors, specialists, talents, intellectuals, artists, and their families. This unprecedented announcement has come as a shot in the arm for businesses looking to leverage the myriad opportunities in Dubai to expand their footprint. And to facilitate this transformative appeal for businesses in Dubai, Fincasa Capital, the global financial advisory firm based in Dubai, operates at the forefront.

With our commitment to excellence in service, we have been able to deliver outstanding results with speed and integrity as well as meet the high expectations of our valued clientele. Backed by a highly qualified team of industry experts, we have been able to curate and offer customized solutions to businesses, investors, and HNW individuals looking for citizenship, residency, and investment opportunities in Dubai and other countries.

How the Citizenship offer in Dubai can open the floodgates of opportunities for investors So far, Dubai has been a favourite destination for entrepreneurs and professionals who could get their visas tied to employment, which was subjected to renewal every three years. This made some businesses wary of investing in high-profit areas like real estate or property.

However, the new announcement for citizenship is expected to make a strategic shift for businesses looking to further consolidate their presence. The various opportunities that can be availed by global investors due to this decision are as follows:

A greater incentive for investment: With citizenship assured and the coveted UAE passport to flaunt, investors will have a greater incentive to park their wealth in permanent assets like property. It will give them a greater stake in the country and encourage them to stay longer.

It will be a step ahead of the existing ‘golden’ visa program that grants residency to specific professionals for 10 years. One of the positive outcomes of this decision will be a greater and long-term investment by families in businesses such as real estate knowing well that they do not have to leave the country.

Also, billionaires looking for tax-free zones can consider setting up bases in Dubai on a permanent basis given its reputation as a lucrative global business destination offering a luxurious lifestyle and a clean and positive ambience to enjoy.

Property prices to go up: As global investors are expected to rush to Dubai to avail dual citizenship and the many perks that come with it, investments in property and real estate will see an increase. In other words, property and real estate prices are sure to hit north, and investing in such assets will become extremely profitable. In fact, this could be the ‘right’ time for investors to invest in the various sectors that Dubai is known for and reap the fruits of success.

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