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What are the key benefits of Citizenship by Investment Programs?

Today, more than ever, the market for second citizenship and migration is booming. In the past nine years, investment-driven migration has tripled and is seeing no end to its growth. 

There are dozens of factors you might want to consider while making such a decision, and they are directly related to your own needs and wants. However, with our extensive experience, we know that some of these factors weigh heavier than others. 

We have compiled a list of the top benefits to keep in mind when deciding on investing in a second citizenship or residency program.

Visa-free Travel

Coming in at number one is the ability to travel the world without a Visa; in other words, the extent of your future global mobility. One of the most important reasons why someone might invest in citizenship or residency is to be able to travel freely across the globe. For people who are considering investing in citizenship and residency programs, Spain (5th), Portugal (7th), Ireland (7th), Greece (8th) and Malta (9th) are all highly ranked among the world’s strongest passports, with Visa-free access to more than 183 countries globally. Various Caribbean countries offering Citizenship by Investment also scored relatively high on the scale, St KittsAntiguaSt LuciaGrenada, and Dominica were all placed reasonably high spanning 27th-37th place with Visa-free access to 139-154 countries.

The lowest-ranked passports on the list are those of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan, having Visa-free travel to less than 32 countries. We see significant demand from investors in these countries (amongst many others) due to their unfortunate lack of global mobility.

If you are facing travel restrictions and would like to increase your passport strength by investing, contact one of our agents for a free no-obligation chat today.


Advantageous Tax Management


Are you looking for the best tax structure for your business activities? Investing in second citizenship is one of the more simple ways to benefit from favourable taxation laws. Countries like Dominica Grenada do not tax income earned from foreign sources and do not subject capital gains to taxes either; this allows investors to manage their wealth more efficiently.


Family & Future Security


The second passport allows you to secure the future of your children, especially in times of uncertainty. It can open access to world-class healthcare and educational facilities. For example, obtaining the Grenada Citizenship by Investment will provide your children with the opportunity to get up to $100,000 in scholarship funds for Med School. It will also allow your children to obtain the US EB-5 visa to get into top US universities with cost savings of up to 75% in tuition fees, grants, and scholarships. 

Grenada is not the only place with such benefits. Contact one of our knowledgeable consultants to find out which other countries offer such benefits. 


 Second citizenship as a route to obtaining citizenship in other hard-to-get-into countries

Many investors also obtain second citizenship as they see it as an opportunity to get the Visa for countries which are costly and challenging to get into due to various limitations. For example, the Turkey citizenship by Investment Program is very popular because it gives investors a foot in the door to obtaining USA E1 & E2 visas as well as a UK visa; this is due to Turkey’s treaties with these countries.

Similarly, the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program sets you up to get a lower investment requirement for US citizenship. Applying to Grenada first can reduce your costs significantly and enable you to obtain US immigration more easily. 


New business opportunities


Obtaining second citizenship also opens up new business opportunities for investors in foreign markets. An example of such is the Greece Residency by Investment Program. Getting into this program means favourable business arrangements and access to the EU.


Investment opportunities with good ROI


Most citizenship programs offer multiple options for investment one of them being in government bonds. Consider the Saint Lucia COVID-19 relief bond, for which the investment requirement is now half the USD 500,000 bond requirement before COVID-19. The Saint Lucia Government will pay you the USD250,000 bond amount back after five years, which means your passport cost would consist of the government fee of USD 37,500.


Access to world-class healthcare


The second passport allows investors access to world-class healthcare amenities which their home country does not provide. For example, the Maltese health care system is considered outstanding as it is ranked 5th best health system in the world. The staff to patient ratio in the country stands at 1:255, which is higher than the WHO recommended ratio of 1:1000. The average life expectancy in Malta is between 79.7 and 83.7 years, making it a pensioner’s paradise. 

Similarly, Turkey Citizenship by Investment program sets you up to secure free of charge medical treatment in the country. Turkey’s healthcare system, ranked 28th in the Health Index 2020, has a universal health insurance system which allows its citizens to get registered in the Social Security scheme and avail free treatment in designated hospitals.



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